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August 27 – Our Place In This World

“For they conspire with one accord; against You they make a covenant—the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites, Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Asshur also has joined them; they are the strong arm of the children of Lot. Selah.  Do to them as you did to Midian, as to Sisera and Jabin at the river Kishon, who were destroyed at En-dor, who became dung for the ground.  Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna, who said, ‘Let us take possession for ourselves of the pastures of God.'” Psalm 83:5-12

Devotional Thought For The Day

You can read about all of these various “peoples” and discover their proximity to the land of Israel, including information regarding their “religions” and cultures, in the various Bible dictionaries and commentaries. It will not be a pleasant or uplifting experience.  These were wretched cultures, inimical to the true knowledge of God, the only True and Living God – inventors of new religions and worshipers of idols, polytheists, immoral, violent, and particularly eager to “take possession,” to seize violently, “the pastures of God.”  Great neighbors for the “church,” huh?  Again we are reminded that any attacks against God’s people are really attacks against “You,” against God.

You can also follow cross-references to read about the justice and punishment inflicted by God through His servants on past enemies of God’s people of faith. Though the threat we fasten upon immediately is one of physical survival, political autonomy, and national existence, the real threat was always against “faith” and knowledge of God, His gracious love, mercy, and forgiveness.  This was the purpose of the establishment of the ancient nation of Israel, the principle blessedness of these ancient people of faith – to know God and His redeeming love, and to spread and promote the good news of His coming salvation into all the world. So David and Solomon had contacts and connections with many world leaders of the time, and prophets like Jonah were sent to places like Nineveh, the “world capital” of that day. So in the Babylonian exile the prophet Daniel and true believers in God like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego bore faithful witness to God, the only True and Living God, His wondrous love, and His promise of a Messiah, a Savior.

Perhaps it should not surprise us then to find the same challenges in our own surroundings.  It is true that we are not at present threatened with physical survival, and the immediate issues are not political autonomy or national existence.  However, the exact same assaults against God and His people of faith remain in full force – the effort to corrupt, pervert, and ultimately exterminate faith and the true knowledge of God and His love from the face of the earth, through theological, philosophical, and moral perversity. So, while we may not pray for the physical death and destruction of these enemies of God, we surely pray for their utter defeat – and for God’s justice upon those who incorrigibly cling to impenitence and animosity against God, the only True and Living God, and who work against all things truly good, right, and salutary.

We should also take note of our own place and calling, that of urging others to repentance and to the knowledge of God’s great mercy and love, and the redemption already provided once and for all in the sacrifice of His beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We too are “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world,” called to maintain and to spread the knowledge of God’s love in Christ Jesus into all the world, that at least some might be saved through faith and come to the knowledge of the truth. It often seems a thankless calling, one fraught with difficult dynamics, and given the “numbers” against us, perhaps even futile. So God’s servant encourages us: “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” [1 Cor. 15:58]

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Your dear people of faith have always struggled against the darkness of this present age, in the midst of conspiracy and threat from the many who are committed to the way of destruction.  Help us and strengthen us today, that we too be steadfast, immovable, and always abounding in Your work – as we wait for Your return and the blessed culmination of this age.  Amen.