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December 3 – Walking In God’s Way And Truth

“Teach me Thy way, O LORD; I will walk in Thy truth: unite my heart to fear Thy Name.  I will praise Thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify Thy Name for evermore.  For great is Thy mercy toward me: and Thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.”  Psalm 86:11-13

Devotional Thought For The Day

It has already been a busy morning with many disruptions, which dim one’s resolve for having a morning devotion.  But God’s Word is filled with such comfort and encouragement!  The psalmist, in view of God’s great glory, and the fact that there is no other God, and the reality that in the end all people, every human being, will bow the knee to Jesus and proclaim Him Lord, turns to the LORD with His pious requests and to praise Him.  First, everything is based in the reality of God’s mercy toward us.  It is one thing to know that God is merciful in general; of far greater importance is to know His mercy toward you personally.  This God has assured us of – all of the general and inclusive and universal assurances of God’s forgiveness, cleansing, redemption, and salvation are made to all people so that we personally, each of us, can know without any doubt that God loves us and claim God’s mercy “toward” us personally.  This is what the psalmist does, and what he, and all the other authors of Holy Scripture, encourage us to do!  God is merciful toward you!  What a refreshing and strengthening blessing!

His mercy toward us delivers our soul from hell. Notice the tense in which the psalmist makes this assertion of faith.  It is past tense – the LORD has already delivered your soul from hell!  What God promises, especially in regard to His gracious mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and salvation in Christ Jesus, is as good as done! This is the difference between people of faith and those living in unbelief – people living in unbelief are uncertain as to whether or not they are going to heaven or hell; God’s people of faith, who receive His promises as present reality know that they are already delivered from hell and damnation, by God’s gracious mercy in Christ Jesus.  Consider what a difference this makes in every aspect of our thinking and doing!  Believers do everything out of this faith – knowing that they are saved, that they already have eternal life, that they are already citizens of heaven, so that everything we do is done out of gratitude, thanksgiving, and love for God.  Those who do not have this faith do everything with uncertainty, hoping that by what they do they may gain these blessings from God.  How utterly dismal and devoid of true love for God and thanksgiving and praise to Him!  Beware and be understanding of the damnable nature of anyone who teaches you uncertainty instead of faith!

So the prayer of the psalmist is that the LORD Himself would teach him!  God’s “way” is the way of “truth”! Those taught by God “walk in truth,” God’s truth! Most importantly, walking in God’s truth is walking in faith, faith in His promises, His assurances, His assertions!  So, how does God “teach” us?  By His Word, Holy Scripture, the Bible, given to us by the true prophets and apostles of God!  “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” [Rom. 10:17]  This is key and foundational to all truly Christian life:  “We love because He first loved us.” [1 Jn. 4:19]  All who know His love by faith love Him, and if anyone loves Jesus he will continue in His Word.  Why wouldn’t we continue in His word if we know it to be a Word of love to us, assuring us that His mercy is toward us?  So, we have no interest in a subjective “word” that supposedly comes from God “inwardly”!  No such word could ever be more glorious, more comforting, more strengthening, and more reassuring of faith and blessedness than His Word of Holy Scripture!

You are busy too this morning – and perhaps disinclined to spend time in devotional thought.  But God’s Word is compelling, strengthening, energizing, and empowering!  Thanks be to God for the Word He has given us through His prophets, including the blessed psalmist – for our great blessedness!  We also pray that God would continue teaching us His “Way” that we too may always walk in His truth, in great “fear” [reverence, love, and respect] of His Name!

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thanks and praise be to You for Your wondrous love for us, that Your mercy is ever toward us.  Thank You for teaching us these glorious truths through Your blessed Word!  Strengthen us in faith and fear of Your Name that we may always walk in Your way and in Your truth!  Amen.