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“My son, if your heart is wise, my heart too will be glad. My inmost being will exult when your lips speak what is right.” Proverbs 23:15,16

 Devotional Thought For The Day

It is a wise parent who has such aspirations for their child – rather than that their child becomes some sports star, or academic snob, or highly “successful” professional, or wealthy elitist. Sadly, most parents who have high aspirations for their children are willing to spend a great deal of time, energy, and money providing their children with opportunities for such “worldly” greatness, but are unwilling to invest much in providing their children with the instruction that is able to make their hearts wise and their lips truthful. This is for the most part generational, passed on from parents to children generation after generation. But there are generational gaps and there are people who obtain this wisdom in spite of their parent’s failures.


For such wise and godly parents who are concerned most about their child’s “heart,” their knowledge of Jesus Christ, of God’s great love and mercy, and of the true ways of love and goodness, there is much to be worried and concerned about. After all, children will do what they want, what they decide to do, and sometimes this is contrary to what they have been taught and encouraged to do. So parents who are deeply concerned about their children will face some heartaches and sorrows, and must remember that the age of the “son” in this proverb is not mentioned.¬† We may have to wait until our children are forty or fifty to express the wisdom we hope and pray for them – and we must always remember context, that our children are 20, 30, or even 40 years behind us.¬† If we have good memories, we’ll recall that some of our choices and actions weren’t exactly wise in our younger years. And so, we haven’t exactly been perfect in training our children either.


For those parents who missed the boat on this, and who only later in life realize and understand their failings toward their children, certainly we have God’s gracious forgiveness and mercy for our failings as parents – if this were not the case, only the most rash and foolish people would have children. Though the ships have already set sail, it is never too late to apologize and to offer wisdom and guidance. This can and must be done humbly, gently, winsomely, and prayerfully, and we should never discount the power of God’s Word, remembering that it may take time. I pray that your hearts are set on what is most important for your children, regardless of how young or old they are, and that you will have joy and gladness in witnessing the wisdom and integrity of your children.

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus, we recognize how difficult wisdom is from our own failings and foolishness. We thank You that You have provided and assured us of Your forgiveness, mercy, and redemption. Grant us wisdom to have the right priorities for our children, and also patience and understanding to continue nurturing them in faith and life. Grant the wisdom of faith and love to our children, that our hearts may also be gladdened. Amen.