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June 4 – Worship The Only True God

“To the choirmaster: according to The Gittith. Of Asaph. Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the God of Jacob! Raise a song; sound the tambourine, the sweet lyre with the harp. Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our feast day.  for it is a statute for Israel, a rule of the God of Jacob.”  Psalm 81:1-4

Devotional Thought For The Day

The apparent occasion of this psalm was an approaching celebration of the great Passover. The psalmist uses this blessed action of God’s gracious mercy, love, and powerful deliverance of His people [in the Exodus] to chasten and goad the children of Israel back to the Word of God. Just as God’s free and gracious gift of salvation is constitutive of the holy Christian Church of all time, so the gracious and merciful acts of God in the Passover and Exodus were central and foundational for the ancient nation of Israel, God’s people of old.

This psalm is a gentle call back to the Word of God, His statutes and instructions – which Israel seemed constantly to forget and reject. They believed they could just as easily make it up as they went along, that their contemporary wisdom was greater than the ancient wisdom written down in Holy Scripture, that like the true prophets of God they too were “spiritual” and filled with “wisdom.” They were led astray to polytheism, the belief in many “gods,” and their morality [immorality] soon reflected the character and nature of these humanly invented “gods.” They were utterly lost in the spiritual degeneracy of unbelief and misbelief – yet utterly confident of their spiritual health and superiority.

The call to renewed faith and reverence and worship of God is preceded by a call to repentance – back to the only True and Living God, the God of Jacob, the God Who is the strength of His people. Those who have other “gods,” who reject the Triune God of our salvation – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, whether outright or by their subtle manipulations of misbelief, must first return to Him, for He alone is our Lord, God, Savior, and Strength. There is no other God – only a plethora of false gods and false theologies invented and animated by the devil and his evil spirits. Just so, there is no salvation, health, eternal life, truth, or good apart from God, the only True and Living God.

Because there is plenteous redemption in Him, and abundant, perfect love for us, He is to be praised.  Yes, He has required this in His Word, that He alone be revered, honored, worshipped, and proclaimed as God – but true children of God are already eager and zealous to give Him the honor due His Name. It is at the heart and core of our being – our hearts have been captured by God’s love in Christ Jesus, and we cannot do otherwise. However, those who do otherwise, who do proclaim other “gods” and pervert the truth of God’s real love for us, they are called back to repentance, back to the only True and Living God, and back to His holy and precious Word, that written in Holy Scripture, the Bible. Apart from this, real repentance and true faith, there is no true worship or reverence for God.

May God grant all of us such joy in the celebration of true worship and proclamation of the only True and Living God!

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus, to this day people are no different than they were of old. The devil’s temptations are just as winsome today to our fallen sinful flesh.  Forbid that we should forsake Your Word, and so forsake You. May we always be among those who truly know You, and properly honor You with our confession, worship, and praise. Amen.