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May 1 – Shunning Wickedness

“Be not envious of evil men, nor desire to be with them, for their hearts devise violence, and their lips talk of trouble.” Proverbs 24:1,2

Devotional Thought For The Day

It seemed much easier as a child to sort out “friends,” those who were inclined to devise mischief and those who were more docile and compliant. I suspect that virtually every human being has times when they devise some evil – we’re all capable of it. Those who eventually determine to live a decent and upright life still have to interact with “troublers” and make their way through a lifetime of threats and temptations. I’m sure that as we grow older and more habitual about life, the temptations to envy the evil people of this world become less poignant.

Most of us also grow tired and weary of having to fend off and mitigate the wickedness of others. Note that it is not only violent actions but also wicked speech that is produced by evil men. Their threats may involve physical persecution – suing, cheating, destroying, intimidating; or they may be principally verbal – lying, gossiping, teaching falsely, false advertising, cursing, swearing, plotting. Regardless, it is wearisome to deal with the threats, actions, and the aftermath of those who are brutal toward the more meek of the earth.

Christ had His detractors and enemies as well – those who spoke evil of Him, resisted and attacked His mission and teaching, and who ultimately carried out His execution. The same commitment to evil and to eradicating the blessed influence of Christ in the world continues on to this day. The efforts of these people seem lately to have become more frequent and bolder. It is certain from Holy Scripture that these attacks will continue to the day of Christ’s second coming, and will grow worse and worse in the “latter days.” In some respects, this only makes it easier to sort out “friends” and our choices become clearer and simpler.

Knowing what Christ has done for us, His forgiveness and mercy that give us new life and hope each day, it becomes ever more evident that we want nothing to do with “evil men” [or evil women]. Knowing also the end of all who reject God’s gracious love and mercy in Christ Jesus, it is clear that wisdom dictates suffering the opposition of evil people in this life for the sake of being with Christ and having eternal life in the glory of God’s heavenly kingdom. Those trained in true righteousness eventually find the devotion to wickedness of evil people to be repugnant and intolerable. Thus the wisdom of God’s Word, His will, and the way of the redeemed.

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus, we find wickedness and evil within ourselves; if not violence and destruction, then temptations, and gossip and malicious speaking. We see the gains of evil people, how their wickedness is of advantage in the short term, and we are at times tempted to join them. Forbid this, dear Lord! Let us see clearly in the cost of our redemption the true nature of evil, that we turn away from and shun all wickedness. Amen.