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May 14 – Where It All Begins

“Why then have You broken down its walls, so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?  The boar from the forest ravages it, and all that move in the field feed on it.  Turn again, O God of hosts! Look down from heaven, and see; have regard for this vine, the stock that Your right hand planted, and for the Son Whom You made strong for Yourself.” Psalm 80″12-15

Devotional Thought For The Day

After detailing the tender care God had exercised toward His people, those chosen to keep alive the knowledge that God is love, and that He had promised a “Seed” of the woman Who would undo the devil’s work of bringing sin and rebellion against God into the world, redeeming us from all sin and guilt, the psalmist goes on to describe the desecration that the wicked were perpetrating against His people. All who passed by plucked its fruit, and the vicious around them “ravaged” what was left of the nation. The psalmist references the Messianic nature of the nation’s purpose; the coming Son Who would do this great redemptive work with strength and power. What would become of the transforming power of His redemptive work if there was no longer a nation left to keep this knowledge alive?

The background, of course, needs to be kept in mind. I read an article this morning in the national press regarding the watershed issue of “gay marriage,” detailing how divided the churches are on this issue. This was the chief problem in Israel prior to its destruction – the “church” was divided on the First Commandment versus idolatrous regard for the false “gods,” and all of the moral ramifications. Where the First Commandment is discarded and falls, all the other moral imperatives follow and an immoral morass ensues within the culture. Where the church is “divided” on such simple and basic issues the politics and culture are likely to be just as confused, if not more so. So there should be some understanding of how we have gotten to the point where those holding high offices make public pronouncements favoring such rabid immorality, and legislatures consider legitimizing it with legal status. We have not made clear enough that those espousing homosexuality have departed from the First Commandment, the church, and Christianity.

How did the church get to such a condition where moral compass is lost?  It did not begin with homosexual immorality but “red-blooded” American heterosexual immorality!  Prostitution, pornography, the “sexual revolution,” the degradation of marriage through divorce and extra-marital heterosexual promiscuity, rampant divorce, lurid clothing styles mainstreamed, lowering entertainment standards – and no one seemed to understand or care that this also was a rejection of the First Commandment and Christianity, even when the population of the churches began to decline dramatically.  We were children at the time, then young adults – but the distinction was not made clearly enough, and so these things “osmosed” into our consciousness as “acceptable” and somehow compatible with faithfulness to God.  We have not made clear enough that those espousing heterosexual immorality have departed from the First Commandment, the church, and Christianity.

So now “the boar is in the vineyard” and we cry out because we appear to be ruled and governed by boars. And God is to be blamed because the invigorating and transforming power of the knowledge of His love in the beloved Son is dwindling in our midst?  And God is to be held accountable for the destruction that ensues?  The truth is painful and it hurts to acknowledge our own complicity in the problems we are now at pains to distance ourselves from.  But healing begins with repentance, true repentance that turns one’s heart back to God.  And we will find in such repentance abundant mercy and forgiveness from God, in the Son Whom He made strong for Himself, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  His blood still cleanses us from all sin – and perhaps, with genuine repentance, humility, and true reverence among His people, this gracious mercy and kindness might once again be received by others around us.  Pray that God grant it all, beginning with us.

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus, strong Son of the Father, our dear Savior, help us to see clearly what we have allowed to infiltrate our hearts, and the decadence of so much of our own “values,” priorities, thinking, and behaving. Help us to understand that without the church as a strong and clear moral compass, the culture has no chance to retain decency. Forgive us, and empower us once again with Your gracious and merciful love, that humbly and winsomely we may once again reach out to others with the power of Your love. Amen.