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May 7 – The Fate Of Godless Nations

“You brought a vine out of Egypt; You drove out the nations and planted it.  You cleared the ground for it; it took deep root and filled the land.  The mountains were covered with its shade, the mighty cedars with its branches.  It sent out its branches to the sea and its shoots to the River.” Psalm 80:8-11

 Devotional Thought For The Day

This recital of the blessings of the LORD upon the children of Israel following the Exodus was intended to remind God of His great and eternal love for His dear children of faith and move Him to have pity and restore some of these blessings.  However, they actually serve as a powerful indictment against these same people – that in spite of these great blessings they turned to idolatry, immorality, injustice, and utter perversion of His written Word as given through Moses and the prophets.  At one time Israel had ascendancy from the Mediterranean to the great river Euphrates, all from the hand of God. The vast majority to the north was gone to the Assyrians by 700 B.C. and the rest was taken by the Babylonians around 600 B.C.  All was gone – no nation left to cover the land “with its shade.”

The current application of this text is not hard to figure.  There are several modern nations with similar natural beauty and resources, who were similarly blessed by God with military and political conquests in the past century, and with rich financial gain. In these nations the people once had faith in God, the only True and Living God, and in His only-begotten Son, our dear Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Their entire culture was based in the spiritual and moral values taught in God’s Word, Holy Scripture. In Europe the faithlessness began earlier, prior to the two World Wars – yet in spite of the destruction and degradation these wars brought, and the miraculous recovery, these people have continued their capitulation into utter darkness and godlessness.

Over the past 50 years or so America has followed suit – so that we not only have the utter horror of legalized abortion, rampant divorce, people living together without marriage, numerous single mothers with children from multiple fathers, homosexuality, the cry to legitimate homosexuality further with same-sex marriages and partnerships, epidemic sexually transmitted diseases, increased domestic violence, rampant drug problems, increased criminality [including greed based crime] and incarceration, and the consequences – a disrupted and weak economy, a failing educational system, a growing socialized welfare state, huge national debt to foreign countries, immense infrastructure issues, health care crises, and one of the most inept and ineffective governments the world has seen in some time. And we are being invaded through immigration, both legal and illegal, by people who hate and despise our historic culture and our nation.

Is it a time for deep repentance, and for those left who know God and respect Him to cry out for mercy?  Is it time yet for our prophets to acknowledge the hand of God’s judgment upon us, and to warn of what is possible for the future if we continue despising God with wickedness and rebellion against Him?  It is not American ingenuity and determination that will “save” us – not if God turns His heavy hand of judgment upon us. Sure, we’re all still “living,” but we’re not thriving, and the trending is downward. Like the psalmist, we know God’s gracious mercy and forgiveness – and perhaps if we turn back to Him He will spare us. If not, we can be assured that our prospects are dismal. We need only look at the lessons of human history.

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, we note with dismay the rapid growth of immorality and decay of decency, faith, and godliness. We also see the clouds of darkness coming upon our nation. Grant that Your people renew their efforts to stand up for good and to resist evil – and grant godly repentance to the many who arrogantly reject You and Your Word.  Have mercy upon us, O Lord, and heal us. Amen.