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October 8 – The Glorious Salvation Of God

“LORD, You were favorable to Your land; You restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of Your people; You covered all their sin. Selah. You withdrew all Your wrath; You turned from Your hot anger.”  Psalm 85:1-3

Devotional Thought For The Day

The LORD, the only True and Living God – He is the One Who richly blesses His people of faith.  These people are repentant – they freely and often acknowledge that they have iniquity and sin which needs to be forgiven and covered over by God.  They are people of faith – they know that God is love, full of mercy and compassion, graciously forgiving trespasses and sin.  This is the nature of restored relationship with God – and both sides of the relationship are quite personal; we are His people, and He is our God!

Commentators are not sure when this psalm was written – perhaps after the return of the children of Israel from the Babylonian captivity, under the rule of the Persians. The “land” was lost, and their “fortunes.” They were once again a subjugated people – though it was not quite as bad as when they were in Egypt prior to the great exodus.  However, God Who is rich in grace, mercy, and love, had restored them to the land – they once again had a future. Best of all, they knew the promises of God of the coming Messiah – and even in exile their prophets had repeated these blessed promises to them [especially Daniel].  The entire psalm is a contemplation upon what the LORD, the God of our salvation would do for us.

We too are God’s precious children – we who have integrity in regard to our sin and iniquity, who repent and confess our sin, and who put our full faith and trust in the glorious salvation God has provided for us, and for all people, in the suffering, death, and resurrection of the LORD Jesus Christ. Regardless of our earthly circumstances, we know that we too have a glorious future – in the new aeon, the new heaven and earth, for “the meek shall inherit the earth.” [Matt. 5:5] We know God, and have personal relationship with Him – especially through His gracious Word; He has made us His people and we claim Him as our God through faith in Jesus Christ. We rejoice in His gracious forgiveness and mercy, and we live to Him.

There is “hot anger” and “wrath” in God over the wretched sin of mankind and the human degradation of rebellion against Him – including, worst of all, all of the false religions which deny His gracious love. His wrath and anger ceases toward us when we live in repentance and faith in His gracious redemption in Christ Jesus.  For through this faith we have turned back to Him, and rather than pursuing the darkness of selfishness, greed, pride, and lust, our lives are oriented to His will and to our eternal future – the home of righteousness.  All of this because He has been “favorable” toward us – revealing His love to us, providing us with redemption, and drawing us to faith.  As with the psalmist, each day we sing praise and glory to Him, the God of our salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Prayer For The Day

Dear Lord Jesus, thanks and praise be to You for the redemption and salvation You have graciously provided for us – so that we too have been restored to proper relationship with our heavenly Father, and now have a future, our fortunes restored. We acknowledge that You are Lord and King and rejoice that You have proclaimed us Your children. We look forward to Your return in glory – and the eternal bliss You have prepared for us.  Amen.